Frequently Asked Questions 

Wondering what it would be like to visit Annesbrook? Here are some FAQs to help you on your way.


What are the most common questions?

What is the dress code for church?

There is no formal dress code at Annesbrook Church. Semi-casual would be a fairly good description of what some people wear. Jeans and sneakers are fine or you might have something more formal you really want to wear which is fine too. There is no pressure to dress a certain way here.

Why is everyone so happy at church?

Well, there is no guarantee everyone is. We certainly are not into everyone pretending everything is fine if it's not. However, there is a certain vibe going on at church which is pretty unique. It’s the feeling of being in a community of faith where everyone is focused on the love of Jesus. It’s a place where people find hope and life. The Bible tells us Jesus came “...that they may have life and have it abundantly”. We are a church full of life :)

Why should I be part of a church?

People were never designed to live in isolation, people are wired for community and church is a community of faith. When we belong to a church we meet new people and can support and encourage each other. It is a place we can grow together. Some of the concepts shared cause us to consider not only where we are at, but where we are heading in life. By being involved in the life of the Church you can have a positive impact on the whole of society. To do that means being part of something much bigger that reaches beyond ourselves. If we bring faith back into the discussion, it is in the Church that we can get to know the person of Jesus Christ, the maker of the heavens and earth. That's pretty amazing!

Where can I get a Bible from?

You can download the YouVersion Bible for free. You can also purchase Bibles from many bookstores. The Bible is a collection of writings and letters which point to Jesus. If you don’t know where to begin, start with Matthew, Mark, Luke or John (also known as the Gospels). If you have any questions about what you are reading please get in touch with us.

Be honest… What is church like?

What is a service like?

Our Sunday worship experiences start at different times depending on the location. We have people to meet and hang out with before the service begins and you can enjoy some coffee while you wait. Our services run for about 75 minutes. Check out info for our Saxton, Nelson or Wellington campuses.

What's the singing all about?

The Bible describes the power music has when interacting with God. He is a Creator and so one of the ways in which we can connect with Him is through music. The volume in our services are managed at a sound level that promotes engagement and vibe and is safe for hearing levels as per council regulations. If it's a little louder than you prefer, try another place in the auditorium. The music is generally stronger front and centre. Hosts also have ear plugs available if your ears are more sensitive. 

Does it cost to attend?

It is totally free to come to an Annesbrook worship experience. This being the case, everything we do costs, from the power to run buildings, lights, amenities and the community programs we gift to the region. These things and more are all funded by the generosity of everyday people who call Annesbrook home. There is an opportunity for everyone to contribute in this way, but it’s a ‘want to’ not a ‘have to’.

Can I attend even if I’m not a Christian yet?

Yes! We would love to see you on Sunday! You don't have to believe to belong at Annesbrook Church. Every single person is on a spiritual journey and part of what Jesus is about is meeting us where we are, but not leaving us where we are. His grace and love is the power which leads us forward to knowing Him and understanding His will for our lives.

Do we practise Gay Conversion therapy in our services?

No, we don't. Sexuality is a huge topic and can be a challenge for people. We know that every human has to grapple with sexuality. We support counselling for anyone who is struggling with issues like this, but our main goal in a service is not to fix anyone, but to connect people with the life of God.

How do I church?

What do I do with my kids?

Most of our locations provide kid's programs during our services. We aim to provide safe, clean, fun environments where children can engage and learn on a Sunday. These are provided by our kid's teams who are trained and then vetted by NZ Police before involvement. See a location page for more specific information about kids in your location.

Do you have to give 10% of your income to belong at Annesbrook?

The principle there is known as tithing. The answer to the question is ‘No’, but there is an opportunity in practising it to discover a Biblical principle which is incredibly exciting to be part of. If you would like to learn more about this, head along to Growth Track where it is unpacked and explained.

What is baptism?

Baptism is the moment a person is fully immersed under water signifying going public with their faith in Jesus. This is the moment scriptures say that the old life without God is buried, much like Jesus when He was buried after He was crucified. When we come up out of the waters, we are raised to life in the same way Jesus was resurrected. Baptisms take place throughout the year during our Sunday worship experience. If you would like to know more about baptisms, head along to Growth Track where we go through this in more detail.

Why do we have courses?

We believe that the pathway God has for each of our lives is a journey, and this journey is one of discipleship. We learn from the Scriptures how to grow as Christians and become more like Jesus, maturing in our faith and equipping us for life.

How can I give?

If you would like to financially be part of making church happen week to week, you can give at the Info Hub on Sunday or via Internet Banking. Our account number is: 06-0705-0049218-00

Please get in touch with us if you would like a Giving Number.

Can you tell me more about Annesbrook Church?

How old is Annesbrook?

Annesbrook Church is actually over 70 years old! The name Annesbrook means ‘River of Grace’ and it was started by a group of people who saw Stoke being developed post WW2 and wanted there to be a church that people could attend. A group of families shifted out from Nelson City and the rest they say is history.

Who are the pastors around here?

This is a great question. There is quite the team. Our Senior Leaders are Brent and Viv Liebezeit. They also lead the CCNZ (Christian Churches New Zealand) movement who are a group of like-minded Churches throughout New Zealand. We also have Graham and Rebekah Heslop who are the lead pastors. They help oversee all the campuses around NZ. Along with our Campus Pastors, there are teams of volunteers who are the real heroes, who week in and week out serve and help create the amazing place that Annesbrook is.

Why do we have campuses?

Annesbrook started in a suburb called Annesbrook. It is a small area just north of Stoke in Nelson. We recognised that what God is doing here and what we have to offer is unique and helpful. So, to make it accessible we have created a campus model, which means gatherings can happen in other areas with a simplified structure. Management and administration take place centrally at our Saxton location, freeing up pastors and team members to focus on people. We hope to start more and more campuses in the future.

What's up with Churches and Vision?

The human tendency is to focus on the past and what has been. When we connect with God we can experience a fresh revelation of the future and a new vision through His Holy Spirit. Our vision is to take up the responsibility and opportunity to 'lead people everywhere to this life we have found in Jesus'. That's everywhere we can. All over NZ and even beyond.

Why do Churches have values?

You may hear the phrase values being thrown around. The reason for this is because we want to be clear about what we are about. What are the things that are important to us? What would we fight for, what would we be willing to let go of? We have missional values; the things that are pushing us along. We also have cultural values; things that we want Annesbrook to feel like and also express. Our missional values are 'Reach, Grow, Empower'. Our cultural values are that we 'Love God, Love People, Excellence, Fun, Expectant'.