Annesbrook Community Trust

The Trust has been tasked with providing oversight of church based community projects that receive funding from sources outside of the church. The two projects that we are actively supporting to this are Shine and 24/7 YouthWork.

Both of these missional activities are targeted towards youth at high school age in our district and sphere of influence. The fruit of this work can never be fully known, however the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the schools where these programmes operate suggest it is significant.

When secular schools open their doors and ask the Shine and 24/7 leaders for further on-going support, we as an arm of the church are both excited and humbled to be able to facilitate the call.


Nicky Van de Geest, with her team of able helpers, have continued this programme throughout 2014. Young women in six schools, who have been struggling with life issues, have been impacted by the programme that delivers hope and self worth. All schools have asked for Shine to continue this valuable work. Additional schools and regions have also approached Nicky to assist in getting this running. As usual, there is a strong need for extra helpers and finance to see these opportunities happen.

24/7 YouthWork

The 24/7 Youth Workers, lead by Shannon Johnston and more recently Josiah Burton, have continued their work in local schools including Nayland College, Nelson College for Girls and Broadgreen Intermediate. They have been tasked with supporting students, building positive relationships and enhancing school spirit. The relationships built have been welcomed by the schools leaders and a number students have subsequently been introduced to other church programmes.


A central function of the Trust is to assist in the funding of these programmes by providing the governance oversight that external agencies demand when considering funding applications. We have been successful in a number of grant applications and together with church and individual membership donations have been able to meet the budgets required to deliver these programmes. The opportunities to do more work are there and to a large degree remain constrained by the financial resources available. We are continuing to work to overcome these barriers and to seek further funding.